Review Guidelines and rating scale

When reviewing a book or choosing a book for review I usually do not write bad reviews. If there is a book that I do not like or just didn't grab my attention I usually do not finish it. I will however write a post that will tell you what book and why I didn't finish it.
I will consider all books for review. If you have a book that you would like me to review for you please e-mail me at literarylife at hotmail dot com.

I will never purposefully insult an Author in any review. If there is something that comes along that seems insulting to you as a reader or if you are the author please comment or e-mail me at literarylife at hotmail dot com and I will remove it right away.

As for my rating scale it is the usual 1-5 stars.

1 star- Book was interesting but will not be reading it in the future.
2 stars-Book caught my interest but not completely, might attempt a reread sometime, but not as a priority.
3stars- Enjoyed the book. Probably won't read it again, but there is a chance.
4stars- loved it, might read it again, but probably not often.
5 stars- Absolutely loved it and it will most likely become or has already become a frequent reread.

There are many classic books that I discuss. I will talk about the book in general but rating it is another story. Obviously my rating scale is a bit different than some and it is just my opinion of the book. I will never say a book is badly written because all writers deserve recognition for even putting a book into the world! If you have ever tried writing a novel you understand the hard work that has gone into that book. It is a part of your soul, your characters are you friends and no one like seeing their friends attacked in any way. Occasionally I will say that a character had some traits that I didn't admire or that made me want to slap some sense into them, but that is what makes them more real, because honestly, who doesn't have a friend that sometimes needs a good kick in the shins.

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